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A Short History

Mary’s Field was founded by my wife, Cindy, and me in 1982 to care for pregnant girls, battered wives, and abused children. We offered comprehensive care to our clients by providing counseling, medical care, clothing, shelter, car seats, cribs etc. We shared this ministry for eleven years but discovered, although it was a good thing we were doing, often no permanent change was happening in the lives of the girls we were serving.

We began to be more pro-active hoping to prevent problems by conducting weekend retreats for teens, marriage enrichment programs, spiritual retreats, summer camps for children, and providing marriage counseling. We purchased a beautiful 23 acres here in Hebron, CT on which there were 2 buildings to serve our guests. We had an indoor pool and were able to sleep 30 and feed up to 50 people for our various programs.

In the past twenty-seven years we have served about 25,000 people. Four years ago we had to sell the retreat center because our six children, who were indispensable to running the center, were finishing college, getting married, and building lives of their own. We continue to do marriage and personal counseling, spiritual direction, produce our monthly newsletter, care for the poor, and tend to a myriad of other needs as they come to our door.

Thank you for touching our web site. May it touch your gentle heart and put fresh wind under your wings.

Bill and Cindy Pfeiffer

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